Monday, February 21, 2011

The Asia Society Collectors Series: Amna & Ali Naqvi Art Collection

Amna and Ali Naqvi's art collection began 17 years ago with the purchase of a painting, the first thing the couple ever bought together and now comprises of over 700 works. The collection began with Pakistani contemporary and modern art, and then evolved into an Asian collection with art from China, India, Indonesia, and Japan as they moved and traveled through Asia. Starting with 3rd century Gandhara Buddhist sculptures, Amna Naqvi will take us through her Pakistani art collection as well as contemporary pieces by artists like Shahzia Sikandar, Aisha Khalid, Takashi Murakami, Imran Qureshi and Rashid Rana. While highlighting the artists’ contribution and significance to Pakistani contemporary art, Amna will also discuss their personal motivation to add the piece to their collection. In Amna's own words, "... what excites us most about collecting contemporary work, is that they speak in the voice of our time and our generation, and continually stretch and break boundaries." Amna Naqvi worked in the corporate world for many years before trading in her career to raise a family. A few years ago, she started a gallery to introduce Pakistani contemporary art into the international art scene. Several pieces from the collection have been loaned to museums around the world.

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