Sunday, October 13, 2013

Video - Quddus Mirza - worth watching despite .....

Artwallaa must confess that Artwallaa started watching this video with a negative bias; for two reasons. We find it odd that the editor of a magazine uses the magazine's platform/name to talk about his own work and that too a few days before his impending exhibition. Also, Artwallaa was biased after reading some reviews of Mr Mirza's panel discussion at the Lahore Literary Festival.

To our pleasant surprise, the video is absorbing on many counts. It gives a very good context of Mr Mirza's works. There are some very good stories behind most of his works. The video is also a good recap of the history of art in Pakistan in the past 30 years specially with reference to the politico-social developments of the country in that period. It also is a lesson for young artists on the importance of independence of thought in art.

After watching the video, Artwallaa stands corrected. We appreciate Mr Mirza's conceptual works much better now, though we still prefer his 'more finished' works - at least aesthetically.

If you are planning to go and see his exhibition, watch this video beforehand. It will make the experience a lot more enjoyable. And, even if you are not going to the exhibition - still watch it !


Quddus Mirza: Art and Other Ideas. Source: ArtNow, Vimeo

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