Saturday, October 25, 2014

more blog ideas

Top Pakistan art in 2013 based on prices achieved
Pakistan's top exhibitions in 2012 - local and global - out now
Pakistan's top exhibitions in 2013 - local and global - out in March 2014

Top 10 art works of Pakistani artists with highest prices ever

Top 10 museums of the world (do an aggregate from a few sources like geographic national, reuters, guardian, etc and add comments)

The rise and rise of Imran Qureshi - What's common between Bill Gates and Imran Qureshi - Malcolm Gladwell

 Collect data on pakistan artists exhibiting outside pakistan in 2012 and 2013.

Develop a pakistan artist price indiex

Staking the claim, back home - Shahzia Sikander

Top ten art fairs I the world

Top art biennales in the world

Rooftop and celebrities

Arts and Literature Festival - Lahore - Nov 2013

Do a chart  showing which artists are at what levels

Pakistan Arts - 2013-2014 : show how much has been achieved ..... Oscar, emmy, Imran Q, Anila Quayyum, Naiza's award, Agha Khan,
LLF, KLF, Isld Literary Festival, ArtNow, ..............  Pakistan Arts is back !

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