Sunday, November 3, 2013

Calling all artists, curators, gallerists, art publishers, academics related to Pakistan Arts

Pakistan Art News (PakAN) is looking to consolidate Pakistan art related events around the world. Artwalla is therefore calling all artists, curators, gallerists, art publishers and academics related to Pakistan Arts to contribute.
We are focussing on international events but will try to accommodate local events too.
We are looking for future exhibitions but also want to provide context to our readers for the past couple of years too. So, provide data for 2013-2014 and also between 2010-13 as well.

If you are interested and want to contribute, write to us (at and we will send you a sample of the format in which the information needs to be sent.
If you have suggestions, send them separately via email. For all questions send emails, do not put comments on FB or the blog. We will not be able to respond to those.

Looking forward to more information sharing

Pakistan Art News

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