Sunday, November 3, 2013

Superlatives like 'very hot' and 'super famous' used by International curators for Pakistan?

Source: Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at MSU

When was the last time we saw/read superlatives like 'very hot' and 'super famous' used by International curators for Pakistani artists?

Artwallaa has picked up the below from a local Michigan publication. The article is about the upcoming exhibitions at the Broad Museum (known for its Zaha Hadid design too), over the next 12 months. The list includes an exhibition by Imran Qureshi's planned for April 2014. Below is the description of how the museum's curator Alison Gass talks about Mr Qureshi's work and the artist himself.

Source: FB, Little Birb

Excerpts from the article, "...........   Gass wants to both please and provoke visitors to the Broad, but admits that’s a tall order, if not an outright contradiction. She may have found the perfect mix of visual splendor and tough-minded political content in the work of Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi, who blends age-old painting techniques with violent imagery in a way that reflects his nation's history. Gass has wanted to work with Qureshi for years, and will finally do it for a major show in the Broad Museum’s big Minskoff Gallery, beginning in April 2014.
Qureshi was scheduled to do an exhibit at the Broad in spring 2013, but suddenly became very hot in the art world, with a major exhibition in Berlin and a commission from New York's Metropolitan Opera to create a work on its rooftop garden. For the Met commission, Qureshi painted intricate patterns suggesting angel wings, vegetation and feathers — motifs from traditional Indian and Persian miniature painting. But he used blood-red paint, creating the impression from afar that a slaughter had taken place on the roof of the opera house. Gass is glad Qureshi wasn't available in spring, because after the Met project, the art world is waiting to see what he will do next.
“Now he's super famous, but he’s pushed this idea as far as it can go, so he's going to do something totally new for us,” Gass said. There will be intricate miniatures, a large installation, video art and more. “He’s very powerful,” Gass said. “He hits the space between beauty and horror. You're astounded by his skill but it brings the social and political conditions of Pakistan into the gallery as well.”"


Need I say anything more .......... our own Mr Qureshi is in a completely different stratosphere .......

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