Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Frieze 2013 and Pakistan

by Artwallaa
Image Source: The Frieze, Little Bird


After four tough years, Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover and the rest of the Frieze Art Fair team must be breathing relatively easy. Their strategy of introducing the Frieze Masters seems to have paid off as the recently concluded fair showed the first uptick in the number of visitors (close to 70,000), than in most of the past 5 years and certainly from the 55,000 or so visitors in 2012.

The Frieze Masters clearly was a smart idea as this section looks much better in terms of layout, the quality of works and the general ambiance too. The 'original' Frieze has become too conceptual for our liking. Barring a few good (well-executed) works and a few 'trophy' works, the rest was either poorly executed work or too conceptual and/or both.

Our favourite art work at the Frieze !

Pakistan had a good representation at the Fair but again the works failed to provide any new dimension or execution then the normal works being churned out by artists. From the likes of Imran Qureshi, Aisha Khalid, Shahzia Sikander to younger artists like Waqas Khan and Mehreen Murtaza were represented.

Title #0
L/ Telegram from the Future, Postcard from Karakorum, 2013 - Postcard (back + front)
R/ Telegram from the Future, Letter from Medina, 2013 - Cream colored cotton paper, rubber stamps, postage stamp, quill ink, accompanying envelope, green velvet mount
Source: Grey Noise

Title #0
L1/ Comet Bennet over Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb March 1970; L2/ Telegram from the Future, Radiogram; C/ Floating Stone; R1/ Solstice; R2/ Telegram from the future, Postcards from Karakorum; R3/ Telegram from the future, Letter from Medina. Source: GraeyNoise

Waqas Khan

I was You - Aisha Khalid
Imran Qureshi

Shahzia Sikander

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